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We believe there are great returns from connecting talented individuals with opportunities that move them. That the power of a tribe, focused on mission-driven projects, is a power worth harnessing.

We envision a future of distributed individuals pooling their talents to accelerate development of digital projects, while being fairly paid for their efforts. This is the foundation CoMakery is built from.

A tribe is a powerful thing. At CoMakery, we believe talented people from all backgrounds  can come together to help bring ambitious projects to life, while earning tokens in proportion to the work they have contributed. Fair pay, with a stake in the upside. 

CoMakery is shaped by the goals of democratizing access to opportunity, creating equity for individual contributors, and building tribes to efficiently deliver on ambitious, mission-driven projects.

We are a distributed team, proving on a daily basis that decentralized teams can form to achieve great things. With a combined 60+ years of technology experience, our internal tribe comes from diverse backgrounds with a shared focus on pushing ambitious enterprises forward in cutting edge areas. 

Noah Thorp, Founder & CEO, CTO 

From start-ups to Fortune 100's, Noah's deep technical, product and blockchain experience has made him a coveted executive and team-leading consultant at companies like AMEX, Cisco, and Nasdaq Private Market, all while having been a 2X founder of product-focused start-ups. 

Unless you have 4 hours spare time, don't ask him about his cats.

Whereabouts: Bay Area, California

Ryan Morris, CXO 

With an eye for design, a head for the details, and a heart for helping people live their passion, Ryan’s 12-year career in technology startups brings veteran experience to the table. From marketing to operations, his broad range of expertise helps transform CoMakery's plans into reality. Previously VP of Marketing at ZOZI (acquired) and consulting shop principal.

Always practicing, never improving: French language & his backhand.

Whereabouts: Grenoble, France

Melissa Forester, Director of Finance

The numbers sensei with a gift for operations, Melissa's deep experience with accounting and finance in early stage companies brings a pragmatic and creative perspective at CoMakery. 

Melissa's strategic and financial acumen keeps her attuned to what the business future likely holds, providing invaluable insights at CoMakery, leveraging her earlier role as finance manager at previous start ups. 

Whereabouts: Bay Area, California (likely in a pool)

Aleksei Cherepanov, Lead Developer 

Aleksei cut his teeth in the IT world at a very young age with broad work in the telecom industry. That led to a fascination and career focus on backend development, working on large scale projects that explored emerging areas of technology. He's a Rails expert and overall polymath in the field of development.

Whereabouts: A constant traveler, but probably in Berlin or Moscow, depending on the weather.

Mirza Zekic, QA Engineer

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Whereabouts: Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Katherine Krug

Founder & CEO, BetterBack

David Hofstatter

Exec. Chariman P4P Energy, Co-Founder of Callwave

John Henry Clippinger

CIO & Founder, Swytch / MIT Media Lab

Mark Molle

Partner, Comar LLP

Jonathan Swanson

Co-Founder & Exec Chairman, Thumbtack

Inder Comar

Managing Partner, Comar LLP

Harlan Wood

Trust Graph Technical Architect

Sacha Tueni

Advisor, Investor, Mentor

Zanette Johnson, PhD

Principal, Intrinsic Impact Consulting